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Is the weather affecting your mood?

Good day sunshine?

weatherAs I’m writing this it’s the last day in June, and apparently a heatwave has arrived in the UK, having been forecast by all the weather reporters for the last few days. Sunshine and temperatures reaching 30 degrees and more have hit parts of the country – just not in Fife, it would seem!

Yes, it’s certainly warm today, in fact it’s really rather oppressive (thunderstorms later, maybe?!), but the promised sunshine? Nowhere to be seen!

Can the weather or other external things affect your mood?

I was feeling fired up this morning and ready to take action on a number of things, including this blog, my newsletter and even getting some of the content created for my upcoming online course. But I have been self-sabotaging, making excuses, finding other things to do, having to finish a difficult transcription job, plus I spilled a glass of water all over my desk! Fortunately it missed anything electrical, otherwise I might have been making a trip to my local laptop repair shop!

I realised that I had been looking forward to a day of sunshine, and this was really getting me down!

I know some people prefer a grey day because they can just get on with their work and ignore what’s going on outside. For me, though, the sunshine tends to lift my mood (it happens so rarely in Scotland, after all, we have to take it while we can!) and I had decided early on that I would make my day productive before going out to enjoy it later on. But that didn’t seem to happen!

So the point I’m trying to make is that yes, of course the weather can affect our moods, but so can a whole host of other things, and if it seems situations are conspiring against you and little niggly things are happening constantly, perhaps that’s the Law of Attraction in action, whereby the vibes you’re giving out are attracting these things back to you!

So what can you do when it feels like the weather (or something else!) is conspiring against you?

If you feel up to it, flip your attitude to your surroundings the opposite way round. Decide that you’re not going to let it get you down and fire yourself up and look at the situation from a completely different perspective.

If that’s not so easy for you and you find it hard to flip your mood when you’re down, don’t sit on your own and dwell on the fact you’re having a bad day. I had a chat to my coach, and she helped me put my feelings of ‘ugh’ in perspective and suggested I get them down on paper as a blog post. When you work on your own it’s really easy to get bogged down in self-doubt and procrastinate as a result (guilty!), so find an upbeat friend to talk to, whether it’s someone in person or online.

So…what do you do if the weather or something else is affecting your mood and your productivity? I’d love to hear some of your suggestions, so please comment below or drop me a message on my Facebook page.