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My top five effective recording tips!



I transcribe a lot of content on a regular basis, and this can be anything from straight dictation to interviews, focus groups, webinars, podcasts, videos or speakers at events.

I appreciate that quality of recordings can vary depending on the venue, number of speakers, accents and so on, but I think it’s well worth thinking about a few important factors before you record your audio or video.

Here are my top five tips for effective audio and video recording before getting it transcribed!

1. Speak clearly – a no-brainer, surely? Mumbling isn’t particularly helpful and is likely to result in a lot of inaudible time stamps!

2. If there are two or more speakers, it’s better to have people speaking one at a time and preferably not talking over each other or interrupting constantly. If individual speakers need to be identified, make sure they introduce themselves clearly at the beginning of the recording.

3. Think about where you’re doing your recording. If it’s just you, make sure you’re not in a room where echoes are likely to occur which will have an impact on the audio or video. If you’re recording an interview, try not to do it in a crowded place like a restaurant or where there are other people in the background who are likely to make a noise.

4. Is your recording device up to scratch? If it’s just you or a handful of people, your smartphone or a Dictaphone will probably suffice, but if you’re recording a larger group in a bigger space, it might be worth using two devices to make sure you’re picking up everybody speaking.

5. Lastly (for now!), it’s always really helpful to spell any difficult names or unusual words. Google has become my friend when it comes to searching for the strange and unfamiliar!

Go forth and record, then come to me to get your content transcribed!





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